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Lawrence Air can repair any major brand of split system, ducted, cassette, wall unit, including commercial repairs.


Let us get your new system installed and working to keep your home supplied with cool clean air.


Regular maintenance is important to keep your unit running at peak efficiency and performance.


Electrical faults

Aircon not turning on? Or not blowing cool air? You may be experiencing an electrical fault in your air conditioning system. Lawrence Air can diagnose and resolve nearly any electrical fault, saving you money on costly replacement.

Gas pressure faults

Most air conditioners rely on a relatively high pressure gas system that condenses and evaporates to transfer heat out of the air. Sometimes these systems can leak, or be otherwise faulty. Lawrence Air can usually resolve these faults. Contact us now so we can take a look.


New systems

Lawrence Air can supply and install any major brand of split system, ducted system, cassette system, or other air conditioning system. We have the specialist equipment that allows us to work safely at heights and in difficult to reach places. Contact us for a free quote.

Moving existing systems

Want your noisy outdoor unit moved away from your relaxation area? Lawrence Air can move it, leaving you free to enjoy your peace and quiet at times when you truly deserve it.



The air conditioner coils are designed to have a massive surface area – so much, that they will collect dust and mildew, no matter what you do. It’s important that an expert like Lawrence Air cleans your unit at least once every 12 months. 


We will help maintain your investment by keeping your air conditioner running at peak performance and with peak efficiency, keeping your home’s air cool and clean.

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